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Our team has experience in utilizing JavaScript to create a variety of solutions such as automated workflows, user interfaces, chrome extensions, and server apps. We understand the power of JavaScript frameworks, such as React and Angular, as well as backend platforms like Node.js to build effective solutions for our clients. Additionally, we have also worked with clients to provide end-to-end solutions utilizing JavaScript on Google Cloud, specifically with Google Workspace and Google Apps Script.

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Meet With Our Team

  • Rakesh Pandey

    Rakesh Pandey

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Rahul Rana

    Rahul Rana

    Team Lead (Products and Services)

  • Swarupa Mondal

    Swarupa Mondal

    Visual Design Lead

  • Shobhit Bhatt

    Shobhit Bhatt

    Software Developer Partner (L2)

  • Rakesh Srinivas

    Rakesh Srinivas

    Quality Assurance Partner (L2)

  • Satyajit Datta

    Satyajit Datta

    Software Developer Partner (L1)

  • Vishnumohan R K

    Vishnumohan R K

    Software Developer Partner (L1)

  • Upasana Rawat

    Upasana Rawat

    Visual Design Partner (L1)

  • Ashish Tripathi

    Ashish Tripathi

    Business Development Partner (L1)

  • Nand Kishore

    Nand Kishore

    Accounts Executive

Our Advisory Team

  • Neelima Pandey Srivastava

    Neelima Pandey Srivastava


  • Naren Santhanam

    Naren Santhanam


Our Mission

To solve our client's problems by leveraging best available technologies.

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Our Vision

Create new technologies to serve humanity.

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We have created automated workflows, user interfaces, chrome extension, server apps and other solutions using JavaScript.

JavaScript provides the flexibility to create and run efficient solutions without the need for complicated setup or installations. Originally designed for web interactivity, JavaScript has grown to encompass a wide range of development possibilities, including mobile applications, games, server-side applications, Internet of Things, AI and ML, and more. This versatility offers many opportunities for us to develop innovative solutions for our clients.


Our Clients

  • Transmodal
  • Fintellix
  • Ignite Synergy
  • Ciitizen
  • AI Image Generator
  • Syrow
  • Snikpic
  • Sanmina
  • LiveAltLife
  • Net Connect Global
  • Stratycon