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Web Application Development

The term “web application development” refers to the various procedures that programmers must follow in order to create a web application that will be made available online for commercial and promotional purposes. For the building of a web application, we need:- Frontend development and Backend development

Frontend development

Frontend development is the most important part, as it will interact with the users or clients utilizing texts, images, and other types of information.

Frontend Technologies

  • HTML: It acts as a structure for the information and material.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets or CSS, define how content is displayed on screen.
  • JavaScript: It is a computer language designed to create environments for operating websites and to provide websites features. React, Angular and Vue are popular frontend JavaScript frameworks.

Backend development

Backend development, or the server side of a website, deals with data storage, server-side components, and APIs.

Backend Technologies

  • Node.js: Express.js is a popular Node.js backend framework used for developing backend app and REST APIs.

Database Management

Relational and Non-relational databases are used to store and manage the data on website.

Database Management System (DBMS)

Relational databases, like MySQL, have predefined structures using tables. Non-relational databases, such as MongoDB (NoSQL), are less structured and have ambiguous definitions.

Previous Projects

Vendor Payment System using Next.js framework

For a USA based logistics company we migrated their existing Google Spreadsheet based Vendor payment system to web. The payment system supported payments via Check, ACH and PayCargo. PayCargo is a popular logistics payments platform.The application used Auth0 for user and identity management and sFTP server for File sharing effectively connecting the web app with client's legacy backend system.

Sales Agent Management System

We created this system for a services company where sales agents can schedule meetings from the Sales planner on the Dashboard.The location of the meeting is also being recorded on a map on the dashboard. There is a provision for meeting update, where the agent can note his remarks and even set up a follow-up meeting.

Kids Gifts Search Tool

Gifty is a small tool that assists parents in their search for toys and gifts for their children and their friends.Here, users can search for gifts based on the age and gender of the children. The user can narrow the search results by brands, categories, and characters, among other factors like Budget and Delivery timeline. The user can also sort the gift based on trends, price, and reviews.

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